Master for Vinyl

Vinyl Records

Grooves and Curves of a LP Record: Symbol per se for Recorded Music

For some vinyl sounds better than Audio CD, others will dismiss this as a myth. We say “Vinyl sounds great!”. Vinyl records sound better than they ever did, even in their hayday. However, professional preparation is essential to exploit the advantages of modern production techniques. That is why we are providing dedicated masters for your vinyl products.

The aesthetics of recorded music

Digital media reproduce audio signals almost perfectly. But records can not do this due to their technical limitations there will be changes and colourations in the sound that is reproduced. But these limitations also enhance the sound and add character. They have been associated with recorded music for many decades and have contributed to its intrinsic aesthetic values.

Our records sound great

Ortofon Arkiv

Test Pressings are being checked with various “real world” Phono Cartridges. This is an Ortofon Arkiv

But the complicated manufacturing process that is associated with vinyl can also lead to sound imperfections. Some of these the listener will accept, but when discolouration, distortion and crackling exceed an acceptable level the listening pleasure suffers. Sometimes a record may sound less powerful than its digital counterpart. The mastering process, professionallly applied, aims to pre-empt such problems and will help you avoid a whole range of problems that you may otherwise encounter.

Master for audiophile records


Highest Fidelity: Passive Equalizer and legendary Decca Studios Preamp by D.A.V. Electronics

We adjust the program for the transition onto laquer or metal. This is done under consideration of the idiosynchracies of the respective materials and the mechanical processes involved. We have a range of sound engineering tricks that circumvent the technical limit of the medium and play to its strength. The result will be a warm and defined record with a healthy dynamic ratio and minimal noise.