The Technology

Every master of a craft will keep some secrets in their toolbox, magical ingredients, that transcend mere technical purpose and represent the philosophy behind their work. Our most modern equipment allows us to constantly improve on our abilities, while the traditional tools ensure that continuity and tradition are not forgotten.

Tools for greatness

Curve Bender Switch

Hand made Studio Equipment

Our toolbox is well equipped to supply a solution for any task that is thrown at it. Its contents are constantly adapted to follow needs and requirements, but also professional intuition. Our masters are produced with the latest state-of-the-art digital technology or with current and traditional analogue tools. Those who appreciate the technology will enjoy a look behind the scenes.

Digital audio workstations

Apple Mac Pro

8 x 3 GHz: Apple Mac Pro

Sonic Studio Soundblade HD 2.3 premastering system (capture) / Sonic Studio HD 1.9 premastering system (playback) / Sonic Solutions Classic 5.4 premastering system (archives) / 2 host Computers Apple Mac Pro 5.1 Intel Xeon 8-core, each unit equipped with 32 gb ram and 4x OCZ Vertex 4 solid state drives / Weiss Gambit AFI1 AES-to-firewire / Sonic Solutions HD 192 kHz interface.

Mastering systems

TC System 6000 MkII

System 6000 MkII Mastering and Film Mainframe by TC Electronics

TC Electronic System 6000 Mark II Mastering & Reverb Mainframes / 2x Remote CPU / 2x TC Icon controller / TC M5000 Mainframe with ATAC remote control / Z-Sys Detangler digital routing system / Audio Service D.A.I.S. digital routing system / Audio Service D.A.I.S. house clock / Lake People F82 balancing amp / Lake People F12 Mk IV balancing amp / Lake People F446 AD/DA converter / Sonic Solutions AD/DA converter / Sonic Solutions optical converter / Sonic Solutions SDIF-converter / Crane Song HEDD 192 AD/DA converter / signal leads analogue: Grimm Audio / signal leads digital: Apogee Wyde Eye / sync leads: Sommer Focusline.

Monitoring & control

Our modified Adam S4VA MK II Midfield Monitors

Klein+Hummel O 300 with O 800 subwoofer / Klein+Hummel O 92 / Adam S4A MkII / Crane Song Avocet studio controller / RTW 1052 peak meter / NTP 477-400 peak meter / TC Electronic LM6 Radar loudness meter / 2x Vurm 2000 spectrum analyzers / Stax 4070 headphones / Sennheiser HD 650 headphones.

Dynamic processors

IGS V8 Compressor

2 Compressors with Light Bridge and VCA Technology

Analogue processors: Manley Variable Mu T-Bar / Maselec MLA-2 / Audio & Design F600 (modified) / NTP 179-170 / TK Audio BC2-ME / Crane Song STC-8 / A-Desings Nail / IGS V8 / Neumann U473a / SPL Kultube Premium (modified), Foote P3S ME. Digital processors: Jünger d01 / TC Electronic Brickwall 2 / TC Electronic MD3 / TC Electronic MD4. Software: Sonnox Oxford Limiter / Sonnox Oxford Inflator.

Sound filters

2 Solid State Equalizer

2 solid State Equalizers by Chandler and Neumann

Analogue processors: Chandler EMI Curve Bender / Maselec MEA-2 / Neve 8803 / A-Designs HM2EQ (modified) / SPL PQ Model 2377 (modified) / Sontec MES-462C / Neumann W495STB (modified) / Neumann W491 (modified) / ANT W695b / Siemens W295b / IGS Rubber Bands / Aphex Classic Aural Exciter / SPL SX2 / SPL Vitalizer MkII-Tube / external Haufe transformers / Digital processors: Weiss Engineering EQ1-DYN-LP / TC System 6000. Software: Sonic Mastering Equalizer / Massenburg Design Works Hi-Res EQ  / Wholegrain Systems Quartet / Sonoris Mastering Equalizer / Sonnox Oxford EQ / Flux Epure.

Audio restauration

Computer Monitor

Restoration of Vinyl Records

A wide range of sophisticated software is available for restauration of old or damaged recordings, for denoising analogue tapes and for cleaning up vinyl record captures: Sonic Studio NoNoise II / Sonic Studio Renovator / TC Electronic Backdrop / Izotope RX 5 Advanced / Sonnox Restore / Waves Restoration.

Quality control

Stage Tech EC2

CD Error Checker by Stage Tech

Systems we use for checking the integrity of incoming audio sources and outgoing production masters include: Stage Tech EC2 master-CD error checker / Sony DTA 2000 digital tape verifier / Plextools software for Plextor Premium writers.

In/out media analogue

Master Recorder Studier A80

Master Recorder Studier A80

Studer A80 1/4″ master tape recorder / Dolby A  and Dolby SR noise reduction / Revox PR99 1/4″ master tape recorder / Revox B710 cassette recorder / 2 Technics SL-1210 MkII turntables with Lejonklou phono amp, Lake People pre amp, Ortofon cartridges 2M Black, 2M Mono, 2M 78 and Quintet Black. This is what we have available permanently. But we can get hold of anything else which might be needed for transfers from even the most exotic formats.

In/out media digital


Professional SACD Player by Sony

Sony CDW 900 (real PMCD format) / Sony SACD prototype / Plextor Premium 2 / Plextor PX-716 / Plextor PX-760 / Marantz PMCD Professional / Sony PCM 1630 processor / Sony DMR 2000 U-matic tape recorder / Sony PCM 501 / Exabyte DDP tape drive / Exabyte DLT tape drive / Tascam DA30 DAT / Tascam DA30 MkII DAT / Tascam DA45 DAT / Sony 77ES Pro DAT / Tascam MD-801R mini disc recorder.