The Studio

Mastering Desk

Mastering Desk

Even the best sound engineer, with the best technology available, will be unable to achieve perfect results without an optimal listening environment to work in. A neutral acoustic room response is integral to the process; added timbre, coloration, and reverberation have to be eliminated. In our studio we have created such a space–an acoustic ‘ground zero’.

Harmonic accoustic design


Our large Schroeder Diffuser maintains the acoustic Energy

Our studio has a purpose built and carefully thought out acoustic design, based on a ‘room-in-a-room’ construction. Its perfect geometrical symmetry faciliates a neutral acoustic character. The interior acoustic treatment is fine-tuned to allow the perfect balance of absorption and Diffusion.

Precise monitoring

Klein + Hummel O 300

Klein + Hummel O 300 Monitor

The heart of our studio are the monitor systems by Adam Audio and Klein + Hummel. The professional installation and levelling enable a controlled monitoring. For music production we use our own model as well as the standardised K12 calibration. External sound engineers will feel at home. Artists and producers will intuitively find a valid soundscape to work with.

Our studio is a sound anchor

Control Room

View towards the Back of the Studio: 3 heavy Ceiling Diffusers, a Schroeder Diffuser in the Center, and two full height wideband Bass Traps in the Corners. The Walls are acoustically decoupled. The Floor is made of massive Oak Wood

This acoustically neutral environment allows us to analyse incoming mixes based entirely on their intrinsic qualities. The true sound is revealed, strengths and weaknesses are laid bare. Nothing is added, nothing is taken away. This allows us to work on effective strategies to improve the sound quality.

Studio construction and planning by KAO Architekten. Acoustic design by Single Malt Audio. Thanks to the team, we continue to enjoy working in this fantastic acoustic environment.