The Work

After recording and mixing comes the third, and in many respects, the most decisive step in music production: the mastering.

This step finalises the sound of your recording and it will gain in transparency, balance and strength. If your production consists of a collection of individual pieces it will gain an overall cohesion and continuity.

Success at this stage of production is not only a matter of using superior technology. What is important now are the experience, the ‘ear’ and the artistic sensibility of the sound engineer (including some professional secrets we have accumulated over many years).

Our Chief Engineer Tom Meyer has worked in music production for most of his life and since 1993 he has been responsible for the engineering excellence in our studios. His experience based on many thousand of music productions includes countless top-ten hits and many underground classics. His expertise covers all musical genres, from Rock, Pop, Dance and Punk to World Music from every origin and some highly acclaimed Classical Music Productions