The Future of Audio Engineering

This is a fascinating essay from John La Grou. He is predicting (nothing less than) the future of music production.

Future of Audio Engineering

Holodeck on the Head

“One hundred years ago, Oscar Wilde noted that life imitates art. Today, technology mimics science fiction. In the not-too-distant future audio engineers will have a holodeck on their head. The future of music, audio, filmmaking, gaming – any creative media construction, from inception, to post-production, to delivery – is truly boundless and limited only to our collective imagination”.

John La Grou is the inventor of POW-r, the word’s leading digital bit-length reduction algorithm, licensed to companies such as Apple and Avid. He is also founder and CEO of Millennia Media, a world leader in the desgin of audio- electronica for critical acoustic music. Roughly half of all major Hollywood films scores are recorded via Millennia electronics.

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