Transfer & Restoration

We transfer magnetic tape and vinyl records to digital and offer all services relating to sound improvements, audio-restauration and digital archiving.

We preserve archives

Many master tapes from analog times were transferred to digital during the introduction of CDs. This usually involved A/D converters of the first generation in 44.1 kHz/16-bit. Today we are able to achieve true copies of our analogue treasures and to preserve them permanently.

We digitise master tapes

BandarchivWe clean up magnetic tapes and prepare them professionally for safe playback. In rare cases heat treatment is required. All splice joints will be restored. For playback we use an accurately calibrated Studer A80 with modern audio boards. For NR encoded programs we have decoders for Dolby A, Dolby SR, dbx and Hicom available. Our digitalisation to HiRes Audio is state-of-the-art with Weiss ADC2.

We convert vinyl records

Professional cleaning of grooves to remove dust and deposits is a basic requirement for any high quality conversion. For playback we have two Technics SL 1200 MkII, as well as a whole arsenal of cartridges, available. We can provide an optimal procedure for any kind of record, whether it is 78 rpm shellac, mono microgroove, or stereo album. The sound captured from the stylus is amplified via a Lejonklou pre-amp into a balancing amp. After A/D conversion follows equalisation in the digital domain to match the relevant curve of the original vinyl cutting.
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We restore audio

To prepare the digitised vinyl recording for re-mastering or re-issue, all format-specific noises and artefacts, click, pops and distortion need to be removed or reduced. For this complex task we use industry-standard programmes such as Sonic Studio, Cedar, TC Electronics and Ozone. Our experience in this area is hard to beat: As early as 1994 we employed one of the very first Sonic Solutions NoNoise suites in Germany.