Vinyl Records

Provides the best Sound !uality: black Virgin Vinyl

Thirty years after the compact disc has effectively send the vinyl record into retirement, we find that the old vinyl presses are back in operation, doing overtime. Supported by evolving technology phonograph records even sound slightly better than they did in their heyday. We can offer you the complete range of vinyl records.

Classic formats

We press records in all classic formats: 7 inch, 10 inch or 12 inch, cut at 33 or 45 rpm. Singles with small or large holes. Long players in 140 gram or as heavy weight. Manufactured from high quality PVC or audiophile virgin vinyl.

Coloured vinyl

LP edition in 3 different vinyl colours

The best sound is still achieved with black vinyl because of its superior purity. But colour editions are more beautiful. Coloured Vinyl can be supplied in 31 monochrome colours or in ‘split’, ‘splattered’, ‘marbled’ and ‘transparent’ versions.

Exclusive editions

LP pressed in blue Vinyl in special Box Packaging

The picture disc is still something special. The stunning presentation compensates for a small compromise in sound quality. Etched vinyl has graphics or texture overlays for an excellent visual effect. And for a little more money you can have your record pressed in any shape you desire.

Special requests are welcome

Etched Vinyl

Perhaps you have an idea for a very special and unique edition? Maybe you would like a banknote ‘baked’ into the vinyl, a stamp or something entirely different? It’s most likely that your vinyl production specialists will find a way to accommodate your request.