We make media

All media products under the same roof2 Coloured Vinyl Records

We manufacture vinyl and optical discs in all formats. Additionally, we provide a complete product range of printed materials and media packaging.
Many of our customers are music and media companies, but our client pool includes various other industry sectors too. And artists and producers who are promoting their own products without the support of a label will feel right at home with us as well.  →  I would like to receive an offer

We are the experts for every occasion

Some vinyl samples in Coloured Vinyl<

Some samples of Coloured Vinyl

We have been media production specialists for over three decades and we know the business like the back of our hands. This ensures a smooth cooperation with partners across the industry. Newcomers to the business, as well as customers from other industry sectors, appreciate our professional advice, our technical knowledge, and in-depth support. It doesn’t matter where you are starting from, we will fill in the blanks for you and provide you with the support you need.

We save you hassle

We provide comprehensive support throughout the manufacturing process, from concept to finished product. We advise, assist and provide active support wherever it is needed. Tell us about your ideal product, and we will turn your idea into reality.

We facilitate a smooth process

Master & Servant Produktionsbüro

View of the production office

We provide the correct production templates – we arrange licences with GEMA – we order the manufacture of components – we manage your project across all associated processes – we check the quality – and we deliver the final product within the agreed deadlines. If required, we deliver to multiple destinations, and to your distribution partners in Europe and overseas.

We provide simply the best

Master & Servant Warenlager

View of the warehouse

We never compromise on quality, our products are always of the highest industrial level. You can rest assured you will not find anything better, anywhere else. All vinyl disks and optical media are sourced from inside Germany and printed materials and packaging is manufactured in Germany, the Netherlands and Italy.

We reign in the costs

Master & Servant Trademark in lebensgross

Master & Servant trademark in life size

Last but not least: we keep a tight reign on costs and expenses. By pooling orders we achieve high production volumes and due to our longstanding and deeply integrated cooperation with our industrial partners we can supply you extremely cost efficient. And the cost benefits are passed back to our customers. For an initial overview please fill out this form.

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