CD-R Duplication

We duplicate your content professionally onto recordable media. We look after the on-disc printing and all other printed materials. Your order will be ready for delivery or collection in less than 48 hours.

Media for all occasions

DVD Recordable on Spindle

We duplicate promotional materials for music companies and software releases or manuals for companies in various industries. Publishers use these media for inserts or special editions. Recordables are also the best choice to distinguish your items from commercially available products.

Fast turnaround

Recordables are the preferred choice when time is of the essence because they do not require the extensive technical preparations that are associated with replicated (pressed) discs. Also, depending on content or intended use, the otherwise obligatory requirement for GEMA notification may not apply, which means that we can begin working on your order instantly after receiving your order.

Low-cost production

Copy Masters are archived

Recordables are particularly economic for short runs. The cost of tools and glass masters, usually associated with pressed discs, do not apply. The accompanying printed materials are produced using low cost laser or digital printing. Please refer to our quotation form for a price overview.

Attractively printed

CD Label Printing

We can print attractive designs on your discs. Standard printing is monochrome with thermotransfer. Colour prints with photorealistic effects are best done with the MicroDry printing method, however, for larger runs and when time is not as important, screen or offset printing are also available.

Attractive packaging

Our Slim Cases are available in various Colours

Along with your data media we can supply attractively printed materials and matching packaging. The easiest method for booklets and inlays is laser printing, which is favoured for its simplicity and economy. Digital printing will enhance the quality of your product, and for larger quantities we can offer you offset printing.

Copying with professional technology

Stage Tech EC2

Quality Testing of Copy Masters and Duplicate

Our duplicates are produced with our in-house duplication production system. Our high quality results are based on a combination of selected raw materials, compatible machinery and fine honing of the production process. Dedicated tools for quality control ensure a consistently high quality output with data integrity, wide-ranging hardware compatibility and a long lifecycle.