CD-Audio / DVD / Blu-ray / CD-ROM

CD-Audio with special Surface Print

In these days of electronic music distribution, physical data media have experienced something of a revival. While computer files are obscuring the real value of the production, optical media are increasingly valued as a premium product. Well designed CDs, DVDs and BDs are providing additional sales incentives. We offer a complete range of optical media.

Optical data media in all variations

We supply compact discs as CD-ROM or CD-Audio. As the name ‘Digital Versatile Disc’ suggests, DVDs come in a number of different formats, audio, ROM, Video and hybrid. Up to four independent data layers can be used to accommodate different maximum playing times. We also supply Blu Ray Discs in single or dual layer format.


Matrix Code on Audio-CD

Every optical medium inherently contains data errors, these are normally automatically corrected. The block error rate is a way to describe the level of data integrity. A low block error rate is synonymous with high data integrity, hardware compatibility and a long lifecycle. The production of our media takes place in a state-of-the-art environment to ensure optimal quality. This quality is measurable and therefore verifyable and represents best practice.


CD Surface in Vinyl Look

DVD with Label Print in metallic

The overall perceived value of your product will , at least to some degree, depend on the appearance of the actual data carrier. The haptic qualities of our discs are pleasant and silky smooth. The flawless surfaces produce beautiful refractions. To print logo and disc information several printing processes are available: sophisticated offset or screen printing techniques supply a luxurious finish.

Please take a look at the Media Showcase for a selection of our finest optical media products!