Apple Digital Masters

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AD Masters are being prepared within a defined Workflow

The “Apple Digital Masters” trademark promises a qualitatively superior product, and this is not just marketing a gimmick, there is a whole science behind it. An improved technical work-flow provides a tangible improvement in audio quality of the final product. The difference between compressed download or streaming and uncompressed CD-audio is subtle and hardly noticable for ‘ordinary’ ears.

Master for electronic music distribution

We are a certified ADM Provider

For distribution in accordance with the Apple Digital Masters framework, we deliver to our clients a separate master including certification. It consists of specifically prepared files in a high resolution audio format. Conversion into AAC at Apple is based on these optimised, high quality audio source files. Apple Digital Masters downloads sound better than ordinary files from the iTunes store.

Certified work-flow

The Apple Digital Masters certification requires a clearly defined technical work-flow, which begins with the work in the mastering studio, via the file conversion, up to the the provison of deliverables. To guarantee the professional execution of this proces we have been certified by Apple Inc. since 2014.

Master for high resolution audio

K+H O300

The Masters we prepare according to the ADM Specifications can also be used for Hi-Res Audio Distribution

Following the inroads made by specialist suppliers, Apple, probably the biggest content provider, is preparing to roll out uncompressed, high resolution audio. In time, MP3 and similar formats will make way for the high definition replacements. Our ADM deliverables are suitable for all current and future audio formats.