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We are audio-mastering experts

Over 2,900 albums and twice as many singles of every genre have passed through our studio, some were big mainstream chart successes, others classic alternative productions of the highest artistic merit, some both. Twenty years of experience in an ever changing commercial and technical landscape have given us the artistic understanding, the aural judgement and the technical know-how to get the best out of any production, irrespective of budget or artistic ambition.

We turn your work into a great product

Work Sample Gallery

Our Work Sample Gallery

With our mastering ability, your mixes will shine. We have the hardware, the software, and, most importantly, the ears and the technical know-how to raise the sound quality of your final production. We deliver great masters, optimised for every purpose and platform, be it for CD, electronic distribution, broadcasting or vinyl records.

We are the foundation to your success


Industry Stabdards: analogue and digital Processors

Quality is always the best marketing strategy. Great mastering creates a high quality product. There are no short cuts to achieve the best sound for your production. Only precise application of professional standards and unbiased, technically grounded assessment can fully maximise its commercial potential.

We match your production with your audience

Mastering Control Desk

Mastering Control Desk

We constantly monitor trends and developments in the music business and understand the rules of the various genres. This, along with our expert technical abilities, allows us to provide a knowledgable aesthetic judgement to align your product precisely with your target audience. There is no ‘one size fits all’ in mastering. You have to work with the expectations of your listeners in mind to achieve the highest level of artistic credibility.

We support your artistic ambitions

Detail View of Curve Bender Equalizer

Inspiring Technology: Detail View of Curve Bender Equalizer

Sometimes success is not just measured in sales numbers and gold discs. Some of the best and most inspirational music has always been found off the beaten track, where rules are questioned and, if required, redefined. Working with experimental and exceptionally artistic material requires an even higher sensitivity and creativity to allow it to reflect its merit and potential. A large number of classic productions from a variety of musical genres and subcultures of this kind have benefited from our work.