As part of the classic workflow, mastering is the final step after recording and mixing. The mixing process adds form and structure. The mastering adds sound and shine. At no other stage of the process is so much achieved with so little Investment.

Our e-Mastering connects

Apple Mac Pro

Apple Mac Pro

Not everyone can make it to our studio in Hamburg and sometimes it is not possible nor practical to include everyone involved in the production. But this is not a problem, because our e-mastering service allows allows online feedback from artists and creatives. Whether you are just around the corner, or anywhere in the world, the online exchange is as immediate as any actual visit could ever be. Our Client Online Portal facilitates the data exchange, and the transfers between client, studio and manufacturing plant are secure and reliable.

The simple and convenient way to achieve your perfect master

Crane Song Avocet

Crane Song Avocet Monitor Controller and A/D

Follow the mastering process conveniently from your office or studio, and listen to the results in a familiar environment. Or just send us the mix files, sit back and leave everything up to us! Trust our expertise and we supply you with perfect results as soon as the work is done. Our e-Mastering allows for a flexible approach. No long term bookings are required and the result will be back with you much faster than with any on-site session.

We create spaces for the exceptional

A-Designs "The Hammer"

“The Hammer” Tube Equalizer by A-Designs

The efficiency of the e-Mastering process frees up resources which we can re-invest in your project, which makes it even easier and faster to achieve exceptional results. It allows us to focus entirely on your work and and to concentrate our attention on every detail of the production. Now the sound engineer has the opportunity to fully explore your work in all its nuance and subtlety. This workflow guarantees an excellent result which reflects the intrinsic qualities of your work.