About Us

Let us begin by answering the question we hear most often: what came first, our company, MASTER & SERVANT, or the single with the same title of the british synth-pop band? Well, Depeche Mode obviously got there first. After all, we started ‘only’ 25 years ago. But this name encapsulates everything that we stand for; sound engineering (Master) and an unending enthusiasm for providing great services (Servant). 🙂

Digital fade-in

2 Apple Mac Computers

Apple’s Top-of-the-Line Products 2015 and 1995: Mac Pro and Quadra 950

In 1992, when the CD was still young, many established mastering studios had not yet reached the digital age. This provided us with a chance to enter the market and we founded MASTER & SERVANT as a modern studio for mastering and digital post production. Thus we became one of the first studios in Germany to use hard-disc recording. And while that may not sound very exciting today, at the time a four track system from Sonic Solutions carried the proud price tag of 100,000 German Marks. In the years that followed we became both witness and protagonist in the turbulent developments that were to revolutionise music production.

Mastering audio

Adam Audio Monitor

Adam Audio Monitor: sounds good – looks good

Today MASTER & SERVANT is one of the most highly regarded names in the international mastering industry. Our client base consists of artists, producers and labels from Germany and many other countries. Over 2900 albums and twice as many singles were mastered in our studio. 481 of those productions made it into the German charts, and 91 made it into the top ten. 52 gold or platinum awards have been bestowed. But still, we get the most joy from creative works that stand on their own artistic merit, works that we may want to take home even after a long day’s work in the studio.

At home in the industry

Master & Servant Bag

As a small (but exciting) interlude MASTER & SERVANT partnered in 1995 with Japanese music distributor Pop Biz in Tokyo. The company distributed European ethnic and independent music to the Japanese market. These activities are not as unrelated as they may seem, because our company founders have a long background in music production, label management and music distribution. On the basis of this experience we understand the day-to-day work of our clients.

Media manufacturing

Vinyl Record


In the year 2000 we focused 100% on being a service company. We added a media production agency as an extension to our mastering studio, which was by now an established name in the industry. In this area our client base is not restricted to artists and music companies, instead we have become a trusted partner for companies and institutions in all business sectors and industries. We use our own in-house production system for CD-R duplication, the production for commercial products, such as Compact Discs and phonograph records, is carried out in cooperation with our long-standing and trusted industry partner.