Charts & Awards

A successful music production depends on many factors. The correctly applied mastering process is only one of them. But we still take pride in each successful product that passes through our studio.

Into the charts

Out of all the productions that we were entrusted with over the period from January 1997 and January 2019, 481 made it into the German top 100. Out of those 92 made it into the top ten. Detailed information can be supplied on request. The following 52 productions have achieved gold or platinum in Germany:


Artist Title Award
A-HA Minor Earth Majors Sky Gold DiscGold
A-HA Lifelines Gold DiscGold
Adoro Träume Gold DiscGold
Adoro Liebe meines Lebens Platinum DiscPlatinum
Adoro Glück Platinum DiscPlatinum
Adoro Für Immer Platinum Disc2x Platinum
Adoro Adoro Gold Disc5x Gold
Aura Dione Geronimo Gold Disc3x Gold
Darude Sandstorm Gold DiscGold
DJ Bobo Level 6 Gold DiscGold
Blümchen Verliebt Gold DiscGold
Blümchen Herzfrequenz Gold DiscGold
Blümchen Herz an Herz Gold DiscGold
Sarah Brightman Harem Gold DiscGold
Howard Carpendale Stark Gold DiscGold
Roger Cicero Beziehungsweise Gold Disc3x Gold
Roger Cicero Artgerecht Platinum DiscPlatinum
Sarah Connor Naughty But Nice Platinum DiscPlatinum
Sarah Connor From Zero To Hero Gold DiscGold
Deichkind Befehl von ganz unten Platinum DiscPlatinum
Deichkind Niveau Weshalb Warum Platinum DiscPlatinum
Deichkind Leider geil Gold DiscGold
Deichkind Bück Dich hoch Gold DiscGold
Echt Freischwimmer Gold DiscGold
Echt Du trägst keine Liebe in Dir Gold DiscGold
Ella Endlich Küss mich, halt mich, lieb mich Gold DiscGold
Gregorian Masters Of Chant I Gold DiscGold
Gregorian Masters Of Chant II Gold DiscGold
Gregorian Christmas Chants & Visions Gold DiscGold
Groove Coverage Moonlight Shadow Gold DiscGold
Enrique Iglesias Hero Gold DiscGold
Ideal Der Ernst des Lebens Platinum DiscPlatinum
Ideal 1 Platinum DiscPlatinum
Jeanette Delicious Gold DiscGold
Jeanette Rock My Life (SG) Gold DiscGold
Jeanette Rock My Life (LP) Gold DiscGold
Jeanette How It’s Got To Be Gold DiscGold
Nena Liebe ist alles Gold DiscGold
Nena Willst Du mit mir gehen Gold Disc3x Gold
No Angels Elements Gold Disc7x Gold
No Angels There Must Be An Angel Gold Disc7x Gold
No Angels When The Angels Sing Gold Disc7x Gold
No Angels Daylight In Your Eyes Platinum DiscPLatin
Orange Blue In Love With A Dream Gold DiscGold
Orange Blue She’s Got That Light Gold DiscGold
Marianne Rosenberg Lieder der Nacht Gold DiscGold
Sylver Turn The Tide Gold DiscGold
US5 Here We Go Gold Disc3x Gold
US5 Here We Go (Video) Gold DiscGold
Wolfsheim Casting Shadows Platinum DiscPlatinum
Wolfsheim Spectators Gold DiscGold
Wolfsheim Kein zurück Gold DiscGold